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Henderson Cash For Cars, Junk Cars and Junkyard

Serving Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City & surrounding areas. WE BUY UNWANTED VEHICLES

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Junk Cars

Henderson Cash For Cars, Junk Cars and Junkyard

Serving Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City & surrounding areas. WE BUY UNWANTED VEHICLES

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Junk Cars in Las Vegas

Do you have an old, broken-down vehicle laying around somewhere? Junk Cars will take your clunker off your hands and give you cash for it. We’ll offer you more money than anyone in the business.

We accept vehicles of all makes and models, in all types of conditions, from bad to just plain horrible. If you’ve been trying to rid yourself of your junk car, there’s no one better to call. We’ll come remove it from your property ourselves, and we pay you! What could be better?

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We Buy Junk Cars!

That’s right, you heard us. We’ve built an entire business based on buying junk cars and taking their parts, then using the parts for new purposes instead of letting them go to waste. We’re dedicated to reusing and recycling auto parts, and we make this clear by the competitive quotes we offer you.

Full-Service Junk Car Removal

Junk Cars does everything for you when it comes to ridding yourself of your jalopy. When you get in contact with us, we’ll schedule an appointment. Our junk car specialists will arrive on time and fully equipped to get the job done.

They’ll be careful to treat your property right and not cause any unnecessary damage to your home while removing the car. We understand that many cars haven’t been moved in a long while and might be stored in some tricky places, but we’re experts at what we do. We’ll get that old heap out of your hair in no time.

Trusted Local Junk Car Buyers

We’re confident we’re the best auto salvage yard in Las Vegas and the surrounding area. We have all the proper licensing and certifications, and not to mention, many years of experience doing what we do. Our methods are tried and true, and we work hard to provide seamless customer service and the best prices for our customers.

We also do everything to ensure a smooth transaction process. After we’ve assessed your vehicle and its worth, we’ll give you the best price we can offer for it. On the day of the removal appointment, we pay you up front and in cash to give you that extra peace of mind. When you choose us, we’ll prove to you-you're in good hands, time and time again.

Junk Cars for Money: Deals for Days!

We know you’d probably leave your old clunker in its spot for years to come, but we offer a cash alternative to incentivize you to let us put its salvageable parts to work. Not only will you have extra cash in your pocket, just like that, but you’ll free up space in your yard or your garage as well. Whatever way you try to spin, you win every time.

The Best Junk Car Cash Service in Las Vegas

When you have an old clunker just sitting around, contact the pros at Junk Cars! You might be surprised just how much money you can get for a vehicle you’d never think would serve you again.

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